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1. Canada has the tenth largest advertising and selling trade within the world. The Canadian advertising and selling trade is calculable to get $10 billion in yearly revenue, with projections showing that Canadian ad expenditure can grow to $13.56 billion in 2021. North America as an entire region invests the foremost within the advertising and selling sector.

2. The advertising and marketing industry covers a variety of advertising forms, such as
television, radio, print magazines and newspapers, outdoor billboards and posters, digital advertising, and mobile internet advertising. Franchises in this sector are varied, but many focus on businesses that provide digital and mobile advertising support as well as a number of print and sign advertisers.

3. Digital advertising in Canada alone is a $4 billion industry. The long run of advertising is digital, with 91% of marketers in Canada inform to the computer as the leading device for advertising.

4. Marketing is important to a business & #39's growth. For several little businesses, navigating the globe of advertising and selling may be a discouraging task. That is why these businesses turn to specialized services provided by a franchise business. Owners of promoting franchises will facilitate businesses to realize new and higher ways in which to view.

5. Trends in this sector includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), e-commerce review websites such as Yelp, and voice search using mobile phones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems such as Siri and Amazon & #39's Alexa. These trends are changing the way consumers access information about brands and products and the way that businesses advertise their brands and products, making the specialized services that advertising and marketing franchises provide necessary in daily business operations.

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