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Promote yourself to ownership

We are the knowledge center of choice for anyone seeking information in the franchise industry.

The Expo franchise covers top-ranked franchise businesses in the service industry. We are the knowledge center of choice for anyone seeking information on purchasing a Business franchise.

  • No product to sell

  • No Inventory to worry

  • Complete service-based industry


BUSINESS TYPE: Office base, Home Base and Online Business
BUSINESS PRODUCT: Offering a variety of business opportunity
YOUR MARKET: Anyone looking for another business venture with or without experience is welcome.
YOUR JOB TITLE: Business Consultant

The Opportunity that is built for SUCCESS

Why choose Expo franchise products?

  • Be your own boss.

  • No experience needed.

  • No overhead, high margins.

  • Fast and effective service.

  • Small capital, huge earning.

  • Complete training provided.

  • Strong brand name recognition.

  • Free Personal Online Back office portal.

  • No inventory, complete service-based.

  • FREEDOM OF CHOICE (home base or office base).

  • Manage and run your business anywhere, anytime.

  • Make unlimited earnings by just using a phone or any computer device.

  • Operate your business all across Canada or some businesses open worldwide.

  • No employees to maintain but you have a whole team to back up your business at no cost to you.

Expo Franchise is a full-service franchise-consulting group that is focused on
understanding the client's needs, analyzing their interest, and determining if you are a good candidate for franchising. We discuss these with you before you make any decision to move forward. No one is ready until they have gone through the entire four-phase process, but there are many indicators that can help you decide if you are a good candidate or not. Call today and request a one-on-one meeting with us.

Expo - Franchise brings all the necessary franchise legal experience, business, operations, sales, and marketing experience to take you through each phase of the franchise process.

If you are thinking of starting a business or finding an extra earning without living in your home. You should consider checking the expo-franchise opportunities and see if it works for you. For additional information please contact us at 416.214.7845 and we would be happy to speak with you.

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