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100’s of employees placed in jobs every month!

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It is Our Job to Help You

Why choose our services

A Great Staffing partner

JOB NEAR ME mission is simple – to be a great partner to our customers, our employees, and the communities we serve.  

We work hard to understand the unique needs of every person and the companies we deal with. First-century business demands agility. JOB NEAR ME flexible partnership model allows us to be responsive to your unique needs supporting short-term or seasonal contract requirements, providing contract-to-hire talent for project-based support with the option to hire the contractors as permanent employees, or finding the permanent top talent your company needs today.

By listening to our clients’ business needs, we have gained a unique perspective on how we can help both employees and employer and provide them the best solution they deserve.

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Health & Safety

With JOB NEAR ME, health and safety of our employees are very important. Prevention is one of our TOP PRIORITY, that is why we give time to train our employees and follow the safety rules given by the WSIB.

As the Worker ‘s Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) says: There really are no accidents.

Workers must be trained and must learn proper safety rules before we will place them for work and with JOB NEAR ME, we strictly follow to make sure that every companies and employee we deal with will be happy and confident in working with us. 

We believe that safe workers aren't born they're TRAINED.

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Our focus

Quality Employee

We take the time to listen and understand your business, building quality relationships that, combined with our access to the best talent, deliver quality employees.

Quality Relationship

But we don’t stop there. We stay connected with you to ensure our employees are meeting your expectations and we are delivering on our promises.

Strategic Partnership

Working together, we develop a strategic partnership to provide workforce consultation to make your staffing process more effective and evolve your business.

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