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EXPO-FRANCHISE CANADA is the Number One franchise website offering franchise opportunities for sale to entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise. Whether you are looking for low-cost franchises, a master franchise, a franchise resale, or one of the most profitable franchises in the market, you are bound to find just by searching by industry, investment or location, or check our popular searches showing top franchises, home-based franchises, new franchises, and more.


Starting a franchise is not one thing you wish to try and do on a whim. Research and Analysis are paramount including what the franchise fee and other costs are, what training and ongoing support the franchisor offer, how they assist the franchisee, what the franchise advantages and disadvantages are, etc. EXPO-FRANCHISE CANADA helps by providing data, news, success stories, and videos on every franchise business in its directory.


We even have a resources section that includes articles, daily posts, and reports that provide a deeper understanding concerning franchising, e.g. what is franchising? Definition and which means, analyzing the franchise agreement, obtaining franchise finance, etc. we have a tendency to even have a region that includes an excellent vary of franchise services and consultants. When you have set your sights on a franchise for sale, simply click on the "Request Free Info" orange button and fill out the form so the franchisor can contact you.


If you are a franchisor trying to expand your franchise business and recruit franchisees, please get up-to-date with our sales team who will be happy to help you work out a communication strategy. We have got the biggest franchise portal within the trade with over 1,400 brands across our network.


Thousands of people have found opening a franchise business to be financially and professionally rewarding, allowing for them to become business owners with the back-up, training, and support of franchise networks that have been through the process before. Find yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Expo - Franchise Consultation will never cost you anything, adds great value to your search, and will give you the information that you need to control your franchise search, and by extension, your future.

We often hear the following questions:

Q. Is it really free to work with you?
A. Yes, it’s free. We work with hundreds of Franchisors, Licensing and Business Opportunities, and even existing businesses for sale. These businesses use our services to help find qualified and educated buyers. Just as employers pay “Head Hunters” or employee placements agencies for finding them the right candidates, these companies pay us directly for helping them find the right franchisees. While our services can be invaluable, you will never pay anything to us, or anything additional for taking advantage of our Free Consultation.

Q. Does using your services add something to my start-up expenses?
A. No, never. The Franchisors, Licensing, and Business Opportunities that we work with an understanding that when we introduce a client to them, they have been educated about their offering. In short, they use our services to find qualified candidates who understand their business model and who have a strong understanding of their own skills.

Q. What if I don’t want to buy a Franchise or a business? Am I obligated to keep working with you?
A. Of course not. If at any time, and for any reason, you realize that you are not ready to pursue your dream, simply tell us and we will wish you luck. Not everyone should own their own business, so if you or we discover that you may be better suited to doing something else, the process can stop or simply be put on hold.

Q. Why can’t I simply contact the Franchisees that I already know I like myself?
A. You can, but you may eventually find out (often after many hours of research and waiting for information) that the Franchisees that you like may not be able to meet your goals, that is why receiving help from a trained professional can streamline your search. We have direct access to tons of opportunities that understand and appreciate that we help our clients become better educated about business ownership. In short, we can save you a lot of time and energy while getting you in front of the right people.

Q. How long will the Free Consultation take?
A. Everyone is a little different, but in general, the initial call can take under an hour or in some cases may take 2 hours. In any case, there is never a fee and when completed, you will have a much better understanding of what contributes to a successful business venture.

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