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Great Staffing Canada

Luxury Lifestyle Staffing Services


Great Staffing Canada is the world’s premier staffing management and executive search agency. We provide our clients with a wide variety of services both for their private residences, and their reputable business. Keenly focused on the exclusive needs of our clients. Great Staffing Canada  offers the very best domestic staffing solution providing high-quality candidates to Canada. We offer our clients the utmost professional and discreet service in the industry. Great Staffing Canada makes your domestic solutions made easy. We provide service all across Canada and soon be operating worldwide. You can trust us to find experienced and highly qualified staff for you.

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Impeccably trained candidates
Our Agency recruits top-notch and experienced private staff personnel. We also offer In-House Service Training where we will train your current service staff to elevate their skills or train the service staff that we place in your home. 

Background checks and confidentiality
Security is perhaps the most important consideration of an estate owner when hiring. The Posh Household Services understands this and vets its candidates through a background check and reference checks for your peace of mind. We do not disclose personal information about you until candidates are deemed appropriate for your needs and with your approval.

You can use The Posh  Household Services with the utmost confidence thanks to our 30-day guarantee. Should you not be satisfied with our placement within 30 days, we will replace that candidate at no additional charge.


For those looking for contract, temporary or casual work, Register with Staffing Solution today and let us help you find the right job

We offer you the flexibility suited to your specific lifestyle and career goals. We will work with you to identify your interests and work preferences so we can better place you in a job perfectly matched to your skills and career ambitions.

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For those looking for reliable  staff, Let us help you find the right staff that will suit your unique needs and situation. 

Our team will help you find high quality, experienced and skilled, individual.

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